Amino acid exchanges in HA and M2 proteins of virus in chicken and mousea

VirusTotal no. of animalsAnimalDay p.i.MutationDescription
Oral swabs from chickens
    R65-HA1R65/HA2TG0510P-43HA I394GV in R65
    R65-HAR156N/HA2TG053P-36HA G421RR in R65
    R65-HAR123S/HA2TG053P-36HA S123RR in R65
    R65-HAI124T/HA2TG053P-23M2 R45Lb
    R65-HAR123I+I124T/HA2TG053P-13M2 D44Nb
P-26M2 D44N
P-33M2 R45Lb
Reisolated virus from mouse heart homogenate
    R65-HAR123SMouse3M2 R45Hb
  • a Primarily infected chickens are indicated with P, and contact birds are indicated with C. Positions of HA mutations refer to positions equivalent to those in R65.

  • b M2 amino acid residues D44 and R45 are highly conserved (21).