Positions of mutations within virus capsids

MutationResidue positionResiduea
PV-2 (Sabin)Pv-3 (Leon)
A1026TVP1; internal surface of the virus capsid; close to the N-terminus of VP1SS
V1087AVP1; B strand of the VP1 β-barrel; outer surface of the virus pocket**
S1097PVP1; capsid surface at the 5-fold interpentameric vertex; residue resides on B-C loop of the VP1 β-barrel.PP
I1194VVP1; within the virus pocket; G strand of the VP1 β-barrel**
C3175AVP3; surface G-H loop of the VP3 β-barrel; a capsid surface residue, located on the surface G-H loop of the VP3 β-barrel; situated between monomers within a pentamer**
R4034SVP4; internally located in virus capsid*K
D4045VVP4; internally located in virus capsid**
F4046LVP4; internally located in virus capsid*Y
  • a *, residue homology between wt PV-1 and the respective serotype (i.e., PV-2 and/or PV-3).