HI titers of ferret antisera against mutant MN/10 and BJ/92 viruses

VirusAntigenic site(s)HI titera of ferret sera
    MN/10 4535
    BJ/92 5640
MN/10 reassortantsb
    135/155/156/158/189/193A and B28453
BJ/92 reassortantsc
  • a Geometric mean titer from two independent assays; a value of 5 was assigned to titers of <10 for calculation.

  • b Reassortant viruses possessing the HA and NA genes of MN/10 virus and the internal genes of PR8, each containing a single residue change (e.g., Q122N) or a combination of changes (e.g., 122, 124, 135, and 140; abbreviated 122/124/135/140) to that/those present in BJ/92 HA.

  • c Reassortant viruses containing the HA and NA genes of BJ/92 and the internal genes of PR8, with residues at the indicated positions mutated to those in MN/10 HA.