Percentages of nucleotide and amino acid differences (p distances) in murid CMV M94 sequences

VirusaData for:b
RCMV-ERCMV-MMCMVs (all)MCMV clade 1 (all M. m. domesticus MCMVs)M. m. musculus MCMVs
AllClade 2Clade 3
MCMVs (all)45.736.03.26/3.76
MCMV clade 1 (all M. m. domesticus MCMVs)45.636.21.13/
M. m. musculus MCMVs
    Clade 245.735.75.40.25/0.175.0
    Clade 345.835.
  • a Clades 1, 2 and 3 are shown in Fig. 3.

  • b Diagonal, number of nucleotide/amino acid differences per site, averaging over all sequence pairs within each group. Below diagonal, nucleotides. Above diagonal, amino acids.