Pulmonary histopathology scores after RSV challengea

Animal groupTotal score for each histological parameter
Peribronchial mononuclear inflammatory cell infiltratesBronchiolitisBronchiolar eosinophiliaAlveolitisAlveolar eosinophiliaPerivascular mononuclear inflammatory cell infiltratesMean for all parameters
No vaccine0000000000000.000.00
RSV infection, day 00000001400000.170.67
1 × 109 v.p. given once0000130000000.170.50
1 × 1011 v.p. given once1200362433111.672.67b
1 × 1011 v.p. given twice0000000000000.000.00
FI RSV/A/Burnett given twice86005655712765.335.83
  • a Lung histopathology scores from cotton rats (n = 6 per group) immunized intramuscularly with the indicated dose of Ad5.RSV-F once or twice, challenged with RSV/A/Tracy, and examined 7 days later are shown. Lung tissues were subjected to histopathology, and blinded samples were scored for area of involvement and severity, each on a scale from 0 to 4+. The total score of all animals in each group and the mean of all measures per animal for each histological parameter are given.

  • b Two animals in this group had inhaled bedding (plant material). The adjusted mean area and mean severity score for this group without the two mice with bedding in the lungs are both 0.25.