List of mutations in MNV-1 P domains

Amino acid mutation(s)Descriptiona
A′B′ loop
    E296KbSame size, added charge
    Q298ESame size, reduced charge
    Q298SSmaller, still polar
    S299ASmaller, no clash
    S299RLarger, added charge
    G300FLarger, hydrophobic
    G300KLarger, added charge
    G300RLarger, added charge
    T301ISame size, same charge
E′F′ loop
    V378ASmaller, less hydrophobic
    V378FcLarger, more hydrophobic
    V378LSame size, same charge
    A381FLarger, more hydrophobic
    A381GSmaller, flexible
    A382GSmaller, no clash
    A382KLarger, added charge
    A382PLarger, structural disruptor
    A382RLarger, added charge
    D385ESame size, same charge
    D385GdSmaller, added charge
    L386FeLarger, more hydrophobic
    L378F D385GcDouble mutant
  • a Size and charge comparison between the mutants and wild-type MNV-1.

  • b Published virulence determinant in MNV-1.CW1 (40).

  • c Dominant mutation in passage 5.

  • d Dominant mutation in passages 3 and 4.

  • e Published MAb A6.2 escape MNV-1 mutation (30).