Reassortment events between segments of A(H3N2) viruses circulating between 1968 and 2011, analyzed with GiRaFa

Eventb%cYr of isolationClusterSegment(s) involvedd
Virus 1Virus 2
1721968HK68(HA), PB2NS
2681970HK68HA, PB2PA
3561977VI75HA, (PA)M, (NA)
5*1001992–1993BE92HA, M, NP, PAPB2
6901993BE92NA, (NS), PB1NP
7881993BE92HA, NS, PB2PA
9781993BE92HA, PA, PB2NA
10561994–1996BE92HAM, PA
11*1001994, 1996BE92HA, PA, PB2NP
12981995BE92(M), NSPB2
13681995BE92HA, NAM, (NP)
14*1001996BE92HAM, NP, PB1, PB2
15*1001992–2011BE92-endHA, M, NPNA, PB1
16*1001992–2011BE92-endHA, NP, NSNA
17841993–2011BE92-endHA, M, NPPB1
19901992–1997BE92/WU95HA, NP, PAPB1
20*1001993BE92/WU95HA, M, NPNS, (PB2)
21*1001993BE92/WU95HA, (PB2)(NA), NP, (PA)
22*1001993–1994BE92/WU95HA, M, NPPA
23*1001993–1994BE92/WU95HA, NS, PB2NA
24*1001993–1994BE92/WU95HA, NS, PB2NA
25541993–1994BE92/WU95HA, NS, PB2PB1
26861993–1996BE92/WU95NA, PA, PB1NP
27841993–1996BE92/WU95NP(NS), (PB1), PB2
28721993–1996BE92/WU95HA, NS, PB2NP
29*1001993–1997BE92/WU95HA, M, NPPB2
30*1001993–1997BE92/WU95HA, M, NPPB2
31921994–1997BE92/WU95M, NS, PAPB2
32*1001995–1996BE92/WU95(HA), M, NA, PA, PB1, PB2NP
33*1001995–1996BE92/WU95HA, NS, PB1M, NP, PB2
34*1001995–1997BE92/WU95HA, M, NS, PAPB2
36961995WU95HA, MNP, PB1, PB2
37*1001995–1996WU95M, NP, (PA)NA, NS
38981996WU95HA, (NA)M, NP, PA
39501996WU95HA(M), NP, PA
411001996–1997WU95NA, PB1(NP), M, (PA)
42*1001997WU95(HA), PA, PB2M, NA, NP, PB1
43*1001997WU95(HA), M, (NA), NP, PB2PA
44*1001997WU95HA, (M)NP, (PB1)
451001997–1998WU95M, NP, PAPB2
46*1001997–1998WU95HA, PB2NA, NP, PB1
47*1001998WU95HA, (M)(NA), NP, PA
481001995–2011WU95-endM, NAPB1
49721996–2011WU95-end(HA)(PA), (PB1)
50681996–2011WU95-endNA, PB1, PB2PA
52542001SY97(M), NPPB2
54*1002003FU02HAM, NA, NP, NS, PA, PB1, PB2
55*1002002–2011FU02-endHAM, NP, PA, PB1
57*1002006CA04HA, PAM, PB1
58*1002005–2011CA04-endHA, PB2M, PB1
591002007–2011CA04-endM, PB1(NA), (NP), PB2
  • a Persistent reassortment events are shown in bold. Details on isolates involved in the reassortment events can be found in Table S4 in the supplemental material. *, events with a support level of 100% and involving HA are depicted as bold twines in the tanglegrams (Fig. 2).

  • b Event numbering corresponds to that in Fig. 2.

  • c Percentage of reassortment events observed in 50 independent GiRaF analyses of 50 independent MrBayes runs per segment.

  • d Involved segments with a support level of ≥75% of the runs are indicated in parentheses.