Characteristics of 2,013 human cases of HPAI A(H5N1) virus infection detected in Cambodia

WHO case no.aStrain nameGenBank/GISAID accession number(s)Isolate passage history and/or sequence availabilitybLocationdAgeeSexIllness onset dateSpecimen collection dateAntiviral treatment start datefOutcomeDetection methodg
CD22 (1)A/Cambodia/X0123311/2013PB2, KF001369; PB1, KF001370; PA, KF001371; HA, KF001372; NP, KF001373; NA, KF001374; M, KF001375; NS, KF001376C1 and C1/E1Phnom Penh8 moM8-Jan-139-Jan-13NARecoveredILI surveillance
CD23 (2)A/Cambodia/X0121311/2013No dataVNR (no data)Takeo17F11-Jan-1321-Jan-13NAFatalEvent based
CD24 (3)A/Cambodia/X0123312/2013PB2, KF001377; PB1, KF001378; PA, KF001379; HA, KF001380; NP, KF001381; NA, KF001382; M, KF001383; NS, KF001384C1 and C1/E1Kampong Speu35M13-Jan-1321-Jan-13NAFatalSARI surveillance
CD25 (4)A/Cambodia/X0125302/2013PB2, KF001385; PB1, KF001386; PA, KF001387; HA, KF001388; NP, KF001389; NA, KF001390; M, KF001391; NS, KF001392C1 and C1/E1Kampong Speu17 moF13-Jan-1325-Jan-1326-Jan-13FatalEvent based
CD26 (5)A/Cambodia/X0128304/2013No dataVNR (no data)Kampot9F15-Jan-1327-Jan-1327-Jan-13FatalEvent based
CD27 (6)A/Cambodia/X0207301/2013PB2, KF001393; PB1, KF001394; PA, KF001395; HA, KF001396; NP, KF001397; NA, KF001398; M, KF001399; NS, KF001400C1Takeo5F25-Jan-136-Feb-136-Feb-13FatalEvent based
CD28 (7)A/Cambodia/X0212301/2013PB2, KF001401; PB1, KF001402; PA, KF001403; HA, KF001404; NP, KF001405; NA, KF001406; M, KF001407; NS, KF001408C1Kampot3F3-Feb-1311-Feb-1311-Feb-13FatalEvent based
CD29 (8)A/Cambodia/X0219301/2013PB2, KF001409; PB1, KF001410; PA, KF001411; HA, KF001412; NP, KF001413; NA, KF001414; M, KF001415; NS, KF001416C1 and C1/E1Kampot2M6-Feb-1318-Feb-13NAFatalEvent based
CD30 (9)A/Cambodia/X0215301/2013HA, KF001417; NA, KF001418VNR (HA, NA sequence)cKampong Cham35M13-Feb-1313-Feb-1313-Feb-13FatalEvent based
CD31 (10)A/Cambodia/X0401302/2013No dataVNR (no data)Kampot5M27-Mar-131-Apr-131-Apr-13RecoveredEvent based
CD32 (11)A/Cambodia/X0502302/2013HA, KF369257VNR (HA sequence)Kampong Speu5F2-May-132-May-13NARecoveredFever surveillance
CD33 (12)A/Cambodia/X0621333/2013HA, EPI538833VNR (HA sequence)Phnom Penh58MUnclear8-Jan-13NARecoveredSARI surveillance
CD34 (13)A/Cambodia/X0628313/2013PB2, KF918453; PB1, KF918454; PA, KF918455; HA, KF918456; NP, KF918457; NA, KF918458; M, KF918459; NS, KF918460C1 and C1/E1Kampot6F24-Jun-1328-Jun-1328-Jun-13FatalEvent based
CD35 (14)A/Cambodia/X0709301/2013No dataVNR (no data)Prey Veng3M4-Jul-139-Jul-139-Jul-13RecoveredEvent based
CD36 (15)A/Cambodia/X0808305/2013PB2, KF918461; PB1, KF918462; PA, KF918463; HA, KF918464; NP, KF918465; NA, KF918466; M, KF918467; NS, KF918468C1Battambang7M26-Jul-134-Aug-139-Aug-13FatalEvent based
CD37 (16)A/Cambodia/X0810301/2013PB2, EPI537652; PB1, EPI537653, PA, KF918469; HA, KF918470; NP, KF918471; NA, KF918472; M, KF918473; NS, KF918474E1 and E2Kandal5F1-Aug-139-Aug-1310-Aug-13RecoveredEvent based
CD38 (17)A/Cambodia/X0817302/2013PB2, KF918487; PB1, KF918488; PA, KF918489; HA, KF918490; NP, KF918491; NA, KF918492; M, KF918493; NS, KF918494C1 and C1/E1Kandal6M21-Jul-1323-Jul-13NARecoveredFever surveillance
CD39 (18)A/Cambodia/X0828324/2013PB2, KF918495; PB1, KF918496; PA, KF918497; HA, KF918498; NP, KF918499; NA, KF918500; M, KF918501; NS, KF918502C1 and C1/E1Phnom Penh15 moM16-Aug-1327-Aug-1327-Aug-13RecoveredEvent based
CD40 (19)A/Cambodia/X0913301/2013PB2, KF918503; PB1, KF918504; PA, KF918505; HA, KF918506; NP, KF918507; NA, KF918508; M, KF918509; NS, KF918510C1Takeo5F7-Sept-1313-Sept-1313-Sept-13RecoveredEvent based
CD41 (20)A/Cambodia/X0916322/2013PB2, KF918511; PB1, KF918512; PA, KF918513; HA, KF918514; NP, KF918515; NA, KF918516; M, KF918517; NS, KF918518C1 and C1/E1Kampot2F11-Sept-1316-Sept-1316-Sept-13FatalEvent based
CD42 (21)A/Cambodia/X1014305/2013No dataVNR (no data)Kampong Thom8F8-Oct-1311-Oct-1314-Oct-13RecoveredEvent based
CD43 (22)A/Cambodia/X1024307/2013PB2, KF918527; PB1, KF918528; PA, KF918529; HA, KF918530; NP, KF918531; NA, KF918532; M, KF918533; NS, KF918534C1Battambang6F14-Oct-1322-Oct-1324-Oct-13RecoveredEvent based
CD44 (23)A/Cambodia/X1030304/2013PB2, EPI537641; PB1, EPI537642; PA, EPI537643; HA, EPI497961; NP, EPI537644; NA, EPI497962; M, EPI537645; NS, EPI537646C1Pursat3F17-Oct-1325-Oct-13NAFatalEvent based
CD45 (24)A/Cambodia/X1107305/2013HA, EPI537657VNR (HA sequence)Kampot10M30-Oct-137-Nov-137-Nov-13FatalEvent based
CD46 (25)A/Cambodia/X1108306/2013HA, EPI537675VNR (HA sequence)Phnom Penh3M5-Nov-138-Nov-138-Nov-13RecoveredEvent based
CD47 (26)A/Cambodia/X1108305/2013HA, EPI538834VNR (HA sequence)Pailin29M26-Oct-137-Nov-137-Nov-13FatalEvent based
  • a Numbers in parentheses were the case numbers during 2013.

  • b C1, first passage in cell culture; E1, first passage in embryonated eggs; VNR, virus not recovered.

  • c Sequence generated directly from clinical specimen when the virus was not recovered after inoculation in MDCK cells or embryonated chicken eggs.

  • d Province where case was identified.

  • e Ages are in years except where otherwise noted.

  • f NA, antiviral treatment not received.

  • g ILI, influenza-like illness; SARI, severe acute respiratory infection.