Epitope-specific CD8+ T-cell epitopes associated with HIV control

SequenceProteinNameCoordinatesaEffect sizebBootstrap frequencyc
KAFSPEVIPMFGag (p24)KF1130402.490.946
RLRDLLLIVTREnv (gp41)RR112592694.060.754
GIPHPAGLKPol (RT)GK9931015.260.746
AEAMSQVTNSGag (p2)AS101104.300.638
QAISPRTLNAWGag (p24)QW1113231.210.599
RIKQIINMWEnv (gp120)RW94194272.900.513
  • a HXB2 coordinates with respect to protein domains (p24, RT, gp41, and gp120). See Table S1 in the supplemental material for coordinates with respect to polyproteins (Gag, Pol, Env).

  • b The natural logarithm of the odds ratio that an individual will be a progressor or not given that he or she targets this epitope. Parameters are estimated using a nonregularized logistic regression model including all HLAs and epitopes.

  • c The fraction of bootstrap samples in which the sequence is selected for inclusion in the predictive model.