Characteristics of HIV-infected patients and healthy controlsa

Group (no. of individuals)Age (yrs)Viral load (log10 copies/ml)CD4 count (cells/μl)
Healthy donors (21)49 (31–58)
Primary infected patients (32)35 (30–40)5.2 (4.7–5.8)469 (363–614)
ART untreated patients (30)37 (29–42)4.4 (3.9–4.8)488 (361–732)
ART treated patients (31)40 (33–48)<1.7771 (544–893)
HIV controllers (54)47 (40–53)<2.6771 (596–931)
  • a A total of 168 subjects were included in this study, in the 5 groups listed: healthy donors, HIV-infected patients studied during primary HIV infection, non-ART-treated viremic patients, aviremic (viral load < 50 copies/ml) ART-treated patients, and HIV controllers, defined as showing spontaneous viral control for more than 5 years (viral load < 400 copies/ml). Median values and 25th and 75th percentiles are presented (in parentheses) for age, viral load, and CD4 count for each group.