Dissemination efficiency of three CHIKV isolates in 22 A. aegypti and 13 A. albopictus populations from 10 American countries at day 7 postinfection

CountryMosquito populationa% dissemination efficiency (no. of mosquitoes)b
A. aegyptiA. albopictusA. aegyptiA. albopictusA. aegyptiA. albopictus
United StatesTYSND96.7 (30)ND83.3(30)NDND
VRB100 (30)93.3 (30)100 (18)73.3 (30)*NDND
MexicoMXC96.7 (30)73.3 (30)*96.7 (30)66.7 (30)*NDND
PanamaPAN96.7 (30)96.7 (30)96.7 (30)93.3 (30)100 (30)96.7 (30)
VenezuelaDEL100 (23)ND100 (28)NDNDND
PUM100 (30)ND100 (29)NDNDND
BrazilMAN100 (30)96.7 (30)ND90.3 (31)100 (30)90 (30)
STR100 (30)100 (30)ND88.4 (26)NDND
PNM100 (30)93.3 (30)NDNDNDND
CPG100 (30)ND100 (30)NDNDND
JRB100 (30)100 (30)100 (30)NDNDND
PAQ100 (30)87.1 (31)100 (30)96.9 (29)NDND
VAZ100 (30)91.3 (23)NDNDNDND
BEL100 (30)90.9 (22)NDNDNDND
SAN93.3 (30)100 (30)ND87.5 (8)NDND
BoliviaBMA100 (30)ND100 (30)NDNDND
ParaguaySDG100 (30)NDNDNDNDND
ASU100 (30)ND96.7 (30)NDNDND
UruguaySAL100 (30)ND100 (30)NDNDND
ArgentinaMIAND60 (30)ND66.7 (26)ND93.3 (30)
ACO100 (30)ND100 (30)NDNDND
BUE100 (30)ND96.6 (29)ND96.9 (33)ND
  • a Mosquito populations (from north to south): TYS, Tyson, MO; VRB, Vero Beach, FL; MXC, Chiapas, Mexico; PAN, Panamá, Panama; DEL, Delta Amacuro, Venezuela; TUM, Tumbes, Peru; PUM, Punchana, Peru; MAN, Manaus, Brazil; STR, Santarém, Brazil; PNM, Parnamirim, Brazil; CAB, Campos Belos, Brazil; CPG, Campo Grande, Brazil; JRB, Jurujuba, Brazil; PAQ, Paquetá, Brazil; VAZ, Vaz Lobo, Brazil; BEL, Belford Roxo, Brazil; SAN, Santos, Brazil; BMA, Monteagudo, Bolivia; SDG, Salto del Guairá, Paraguay; ASU, Asunción, Paraguay; SAL, Salto, Uruguay; MIA, Misiones, Argentina; ACO, Corrientes, Argentina; BUE, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  • b Dissemination efficiency corresponds to the proportion of mosquitoes with disseminated virus in heads among tested ones. The numbers of analyzed mosquitoes are shown in parentheses. The titer of infectious blood meals was 107.5 PFU/ml. CHIKV_0621 was isolated from La Réunion (ECSA genotype, E1-226V and E1-98A substitutions), CHIKV_115 was isolated from La Réunion (ECSA genotype, E1-226A and E1-98A substitutions), and CHIKV_NC was isolated from New Caledonia (Asian genotype, E1-226A and E1-98T substitutions). ND, not determined. Statistically significant differences in dissemination efficiency between the two mosquito species for a given virus are shown by asterisks (P < 0.05).