Name and envelope complex composition of the CMV strains used in this study

Full nameName used in textORF(s) deleted for BAC insertionOrigingH gL gOgH gL UL128 UL130 UL131AReference(s) for virion complex
AD169varATCCAD169NonePlaque-purified derivative of ATCC stocksYesNo46, 47, 64
Towne GFP-IE2TowneNoneGFP-IE2-expressing derivative of TownevarRIT3YesNo64
TR-GFPTR-GFPNoneGFP-expressing derivative of TR-BAC containing a full-length genomeYesYes65
TRsubUS17TRsubUS17NoneTR-GFP derivative carrying the GalK/kanamycin cassette in lieu of the US17 ORFYesYes65
TB40-BAC4BAC4US2-US6Highly endotheliotropic BAC clone of TB40/EYesYes40, 65, 66
TB40-BAC4 UL128ccta82-86UL128mutUS2-US6BAC clone of TB40/E with the HSLTR amino acid sequence of UL128 mutated to ASLTAYesNo43
BADrUL131-Y4BADrUL21.5BAC clone of AD169 with the UL21.5 ORF replaced with the GFP and kanamycin resistance genes and the original UL131A ORF replaced with the UL131A ORF from strain TRYesYes38