LC-MS/MS hits from enhancing HPLC fractions 1 to 6

IdentifierCommentFraction(s)ScoreSignal peptide predictiona
AAEL012658Rgs-gaip interaction protein425Yes
UGPUDP-glucose pyrophosphorylase625No
AAEL012336Putative uncharacterized protein1, 2, 3, 524–29No
AAEL003131Putative uncharacterized protein1, 326–29No
AAEL005718Serine protease1, 2, 3, 4, 523–27Yes
AAEL008557Putative uncharacterized protein122No
AAEL000217Serine/threonine protein kinase1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 621–25No
AAEL013989Protein translocation complex beta298No
AAEL00818860S ribosomal protein L6274No
SGP1A2Putative secreted protein270Yes/No
AAEL011194Fatty acid synthase236No
AAEL001593Glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase233No
AAEL010796Transmembrane protein 12, 3, 626–28No
RpS1440S ribosomal protein S14226No
AAEL007898Calmin2, 3, 620–25No
AAEL009720Putative uncharacterized protein225No
AAEL003324Acidic ribosomal protein P1223No
AAEL006016Putative uncharacterized protein222No
AAEL001233Putative uncharacterized protein221No
AAEL002560Putative uncharacterized protein3, 628No
AAEL008528Protein tyrosine phosphatase n11325No
AAEL001516Vesicle-associated protein528No
AAEL001760Putative uncharacterized protein631No
AAEL004039Blooms syndrome DNA helicase324No
AAEL012430AMP-dependent ligase622No
AAEL010205Putative uncharacterized protein621No
  • a In silico predictions of signal peptides were performed using the SignalP 3.0 server from the Center for Biological Sequence Analysis at the Technical University of Denmark DTU.