Table 3

Effect of prior seasonal H3N2 virus infection on protection against homologous and heterologous virus challenge

Treatment groupChallenge virusMean max wt lossa (%)Mean max temp increaseb (°C)Mean peak viral titerc
Prior Perth/09 infectionPerth/ ± 0.6
PBS controlsPerth/ ± 0.7
Prior Perth/09 infectionIN/ ± 0.4
PBS controlsIN/ ± 0.5
  • a Percentage of mean maximum (max) weight loss shown for each ferret group.

  • b Mean maximum temperature increases calculated as rise over ferret baseline of 38.3 ± 0.5°C. All maximum temperatures were observed on days 1 to 2 postchallenge.

  • c Mean peak titer shown as log10 PFU/ml including the standard deviation. All peak titers are from day 2 postchallenge