Table 1

Clinical symptoms of inoculated and contact ferrets

TreatmentChallenge virusMean max wt lossa (%)Mean max temp increaseb (°C)No. of seroconverted contact ferrets/total no. of contact ferretsc
Perth/ (640)
IN/ (1,015)
Perth/ (1,076)
IN/ (640)
Monovalent vaccine5/9
    Perth/09 vaccineIN/ (453)
    Beijing/92 vaccineIN/ (640)
    IN/11 vaccineIN/111.60.80/3 (<10)
Perth/09 infection1/12
Perth/092.10.70/6 (<10)
IN/ (1,280)
  • a Percentage of mean maximum (max) weight loss shown for each ferret group.

  • b Mean maximum temperature increase calculated as rise over ferret baseline of 38.3 ± 0.5°C. All maximum temperatures were observed on days 1 to 2 postinoculation.

  • c Seroconversion was measured by HI from sera collected on day 21 p.c. Geometric mean titers for seroconverted contact ferrets are shown in parentheses. Values of <10 were below the limit of detection in this assay.