Table 6

Association of the interactions of HLA SNPs and HBV mutations with the risk of hepatic cirrhosis in HBV-infected subjectsa

HLA-DP SNPHBV mutationNo. of ASCs plus CHB patientsNo. of HC patientsAdjusted OR (95% CI)P value
In genotype C HBV-infected subjects
        GGT22302.71 (1.45–5.07)0.002
        GAC85421.09 (0.67–1.76)0.734
        GAT1550.83 (0.49–1.40)0.481
        For interaction0.20 (0.06–0.72)0.014
        CCC/G20151.55 (0.66–3.65)0.316
        CTT86561.61 (0.92–2.81)0.094
        CTC/G6780.47 (0.30–0.73)0.001
        For interaction0.10 (0.03–0.30)<0.001
In genotype B HBV-infected subjects
        CCA21174.00 (1.41–11.34)0.009
        CT+TTG2971.80 (0.56–5.78)0.324
        CT+TTA2650.96 (0.50–1.83)0.897
        For interaction0.13 (0.03–0.67)0.015
        GGA27186.15 (1.95–19.38)0.002
        GAG2563.57 (0.90–14.13)0.070
        GAA2030.94 (0.40–2.22)0.893
        For interaction0.07 (0.01–0.48)0.007
  • a Boldface type indicates significant values.