Table 2

Plasmids used in this study

PlasmidRelevant characteristicsaReference or source
Gene overexpression
    pBAD24General expression vector with the PBAD promoter; Apr44
    preppBAD24-rep; AprThis study
    pantpBAD24-ant; AprThis study
    Pant*pBAD24-ant*; encoding frame-shifted ant; AprThis study
Luciferase reporter assay
    pBBRluxDerivative of broad-host-range cloning vector pBBR1MCS containing a promoterless luxCDABE; Cmr28
    pPant_H::luxpBBRlux with ant promoter of SPC32H; CmrThis study
    pPant_N::luxpBBRlux with ant promoter of SPC32N; CmrThis study
Bacterial two-hybrid assay
    pKT25Encodes T25 fragment of adenylate cyclase; Kmr29
    pUT18CEncodes T18 fragment of adenylate cyclase; Apr29
    pKT25-zippKT25 with zip; Kmr29
    pUT18C-zippUT18C with zip; Apr29
    pKT25-reppKT25 with rep; KmrThis study
    pUT18C-antpUT18C with ant; AprThis study
    pKT25-antpKT25 with ant; KmrThis study
    pUT18C-reppUT18C with rep; AprThis study
Protein expression
    pHIS-parallel1Protein expression vector; allowing N-terminal His6 tagging with a TEV cleavage site; Apr45
    pHIS-LexApHIS-parallel1 with lexA; AprThis study
    pHIS-ReppHIS-parallel1 with rep; AprThis study
    pHIS-AntpHIS-parallel1 with ant; AprThis study
  • a Kmr, kanamycin resistant; Apr, ampicillin resistant; Cmr, chloramphenicol resistant.