Table 1

Cryo-EM data collection and model fitting statistics

AAV:Fab complexNo. of micrographsaDefocus setting (μm)bNo. of particle images boxedcResolution (Å)dCC value(s)e
AAV1:4E4951.5–3.02,376 (1,914)120.89,* 0.77
AAV1:5H7311.25–3.0313 (262)230.89, 0.69
AAV2:C37-B1491.5–3.04,731 (4,392)110.82
AAV5:3C51221.25–3.02,806 (2,552)160.87
AAV6:5H7491.0–3.05,265 (2,527)150.89, 0.69
  • a Recorded with a CCD camera (4,000 by 4,000 pixels).

  • b Range of objective lens defocus settings.

  • c Values in parentheses are the number of particles used in reconstruction.

  • d Estimate of resolution limit, rounded to nearest Å unit, based on a Fourier shell correlation threshold of 0.5 (72).

  • e Correlation coefficient values for all atom models for Fab and capsid, which reflect the agreement between the model and experimental density maps at the specified resolution. Values were calculated during the map-in-map fitting program provided in Chimera (73). *, calculated with an occupancy of 0.5; †, calculated with an occupancy of 0.3; ‡, calculated with an occupancy of 1.