Table 1

Characteristics of DENV-4 strains used in the studya

VirusOrigin, yrGenotypeReference(s)GenBank accession no(s).
1036Indonesia, 1976II34U18429
H-241Philippines, 1956I30, 34AY947539, U18433
TVP-376Colombia, 1982IIUnpublishedKC963424
TVP-986Brazil, 1982II47KC963425
P75-514Malaysia, 1975Sylvatic30JF262780
  • a The genotypes were assigned based on alignment of E gene nucleotide sequences and creation of a dendrogram. The results were confirmed using the Genotype Determination and Recombination Detection online software from the Virus Pathogen Resource ( The TVP-376 sequence has not been published and was obtained from the World Arbovirus Collection.