Table 2

Statistical comparison of DEF201 and AdHu5-lacZ treatments

ExptReference treatment (amt in mg)Time of treatment (d.p.i.)Test treatment (amt in mg)Time of treatment (d.p.i.)P valuec
1MAbs only (10)3AdHu5-lacZ+MAbs (10)338.36E−01
MAbs only (10)3DEF201+MAbs (10)331.79E−02
AdHu5-lacZ+MAbs (10)33DEF201+MAbs (10)331.85E−02
2AdHu5-lacZ+MAbs (10)16DEF201+MAbs (10)164.00E−04
  • a Guinea pigs were treated intramuscularly with DEF201 or AdHu5-lacZ (2 × 108 PFU) at the indicated number of days postinfection (d.p.i.) with 1,000× LD50 of GA-ZEBOV.

  • b Guinea pigs were treated intraperitoneally with 10 mg total MAbs at the indicated d.p.i.

  • c The log-rank (Mantel-Cox) test was used to calculate the P values.