Table 4

Candidate specificity genes of O. tauri viruses

OtV5 proteinOtV1 protein% identityDescriptionaPutative conserved domainsb
OtV5_010cOtV1_00985.07ORFanNo putative conserved domains
OtV5_073OtV1_07282.87Hypothetical protein; similar to predicted protein of Nematostella vectensis (E = 2e−20)Bactofilin (pfam04519; E = 6.53e−04)
OtV5_008cOtV1_00580.80Similar to exonuclease RNase T and DNA polymerase III of Odoribacter splanchnicus (E = 2e−21)DEDDh 3′-5′ exonuclease domain family (cd06127; E = 3.28e−34)
OtV5_048cOtV1_04774.67ORFanNo putative conserved domains
OtV5_183cOtV1_17571.31ORFanGlycosyltransferase family 25 involved in lipooligosaccharide biosynthesis (cd06532; E = 1.69e−08)
OtV5_132OtV1_12663.33Putative exonuclease; similar to ATCV1_Z622R (E = 1e−40)Putative phage-type endonuclease (TIGR03033; E = 9.84e−30)
OtV5_122cOtV1_11560.60ORFanNo putative conserved domains
OtV5_074OtV1_07358.62Putative Hep-Hag family protein of Psychroflexus torquis (E = 3e−25)No putative conserved domains
OtV5_120OtV1_11350.72Putative echinonectin of Nematostella vectensis (E = 7e−32)FA58C (cd00057), coagulation factor 5/8 C-terminal domain, cell surface-attached carbohydrate-binding domain (E = 4.87e−16)
OtV5_071OtV1_07049.42ORFanNo putative conserved domains
  • a ORFan, open reading frame with no clear similarity to known genes.

  • b DEDDh, exoribonucleases which have a characteristic core comprised of four invariant acidic amino acid residues, DEDD, in this case subfamily h.