Table 1

Animals screened and associated CoVs in the present surveillance study

AnimalSample typeNo. of specimens testedNo. (%) of specimens positive for CoVCoV
Asian leopard catRectal swab and tracheal swab300
BatRectal swab4340
BirdaRectal swab3,30635 (1.1%)WECoV HKU16 (n = 3), SpCoV HKU17 (n = 7), MRCoV HKU18 (n = 1), NHCoV HKU19 (n = 5), WiCoV HKU20 (n = 1), CMCoV HKU21 (n = 1), BuCoV HKU11 (n = 10), ThCoV HKU12 (n = 1), MunCoV HKU13 (n = 6)
CatRectal swab and tracheal swab4600
CattleRectal swab470
ChickenCloacal swab2210
DogRectal swab and tracheal swab4620
MonkeyRectal swab2350
PigRectal swab16917 (10.1%)PorCoV HKU15
RodentRectal swab3890
  • a No. of birds tested for individual species and their associated CoVs are listed in Table S2 in the supplemental material.

  • b NPA, nasopharyngeal aspirate.