Table 5

Competition matrix

Competing antibody (20 μg/ml)cBindinga of biotinylated test antibodyb to E2
CBH-4B (A)12107112
CBH-5 (B)17101103
HC-1 (B)99480
HC-11 (B)88574
CBH-7 (C)4109112
AP33 Fab951313138158
  • a The binding of each biotinylated antibody to E2 in the presence of competing antibody is given as a percentage of binding in the absence of competing antibody.

  • b The concentration of each biotinylated test antibody was twice the EC50 (range, 0.05 to 1.0 μg/ml).

  • c Letters in parentheses denote antigenic domain A, B, or C.

  • d Isotype-matched control antibody to a cytomegalovirus protein.