Table 1

Response of swine inoculation with live FMDV A24LL3DYR

PigRoute of exposureaMaximum titer (dpi)bClinical scorecNeutralization titer maximumd (starting dpi)
ViremiaVirus in salivaVirus in nasal passages
41Direct5.44 (1)5.45 (2)Negative0/51.2 (5)
  • a Direct, 105 TCID50 of FMDV A24LL3DYR/pig.

  • b Values are expressed as the log10 RNA copies/ml. dpi indicates the day(s) postinoculation that the virus peak was detected.

  • c Animals were monitored daily for 9 days and once a week thereafter.

  • d That is, the FMDV-specific neutralizing antibody titer (log10 of the reciprocal of the last serum dilution to neutralize 100 TCID50 of virus in 50% of the wells). Sensitivity, >0.9. The starting dpi refers to the first day after inoculation that neutralizing antibodies were detected.

  • e That is, an RNA copy number minimum detection level of 102.69/ml.