Table 1

Inferred MAb IgG gene family usagea

MAbGenesCDR3 length (aa)Mutation frequency (%)Note
Heavy chainVH familyD familyJH familyVH
    VRC06IGHV1-2*02 or IGHV1-2*04IGHD4-17*01bIGHJ1*01172921-bp insertion in FR3
    VRC06bIGHV1-2*02 or IGHV1-2*04IGHD4-17*01bIGHJ1*01173221-bp insertion in FR3
    VRC03IGHV1-2*02 or IGHV1-2*04IGHD3-22*01bIGHJ1*01162921-bp insertion in FR3
Light chainVK familyJK familyVK
    VcT39IGKV1-39*01 or IGKV1D-39*01IGKJ4*0185
    Vc813IGKV1-39*01 or IGKV1D-39*01IGKJ4*0186
    Vc827IGKV1-13*02 or IGKV1D13*01IGKJ4*03911
    VRC06IGKV3-20*01cIGKJ2*015166-bp deletion in CDR1
    VRC06bIGKV3-20*01cIGKJ2*015186-bp deletion in CDR1
    VRC03IGKV3-20*01cIGKJ2*015206-bp deletion in CDR1
  • a JoinSolver (38) and IMGT were used for determining the gene utilization in this table.

  • b Putative D segments assigned with less than 95% confidence due to the small number of consecutively matching residues compared to the V-to-J distance.

  • c IGKV3-20*01 was selected over IGKV3-NL5 in order to use genes mapped to the IGK locus on chromosome 2.