Table 4

Sequence confirmationsa

LocusNo. of samples analyzedNo. of samples homologous to HCMVRegion analyzed (nt) (TB40/E genome)Avg % identity to TB40/EAvg % identity to AD169
UL1799200 (56128–56328)96.495.7
UL2755180 (67287–67467)98.898
UL5555225 (116334–116559)95.693
UL691010160 (133375–133531)94.594
UL8255100 (151643–151743)96.497.8
UL961212210 (173778–173988)98.398.2
UL14454100 (214774–214874)95NA
US25475 (228975–229050)96.794
US1199210 (3728–3938)9795.5
US2888360 (23505–23865)9998.5
  • a The indicated loci were amplified by PCR and sequenced, and the indicated internal region (in nucleotides [nt]) was compared to the NCBI nucleotide database. Average percent identities for each locus compared to clinical (TB40/E) and laboratory (AD169) strains of HCMV are shown. AD169 lacks the UL144 locus, so this comparison is not applicable (NA).