Table 2

Immune activation in CD4+ T cellsa

Cells% of HLA-DR+ CD38+ cells in:P value, HIC vs HAARTP value, HIC vs HDP value, HAART vs HD
HIV controllers (HIC, n = 16)Treated patients (HAART, n = 16)Healthy donors (HD, n = 12)
Total T CD4+ cells2.5 (1.3–11.9)3.5 (0.5–18.2)1.5 (0.9–2.2)NS0.010.002
Naive CD45RA+ CCR7+ T CD4+ cells1.2 (0.6–11.0)1.9 (0.0–6.3)1.1 (0.3–3.1)NSNSNS
CM CD45RA CCR7+ T CD4+ cells1.9 (0.8–5.9)2.2 (0.4–20.7)1.4 (0.7–2.9)NSNS0.03
EM CD45RA CCR7 T CD4+ cells3.8 (1.1–16.4)5.5 (0.5–11.9)1.9 (0.7–2.5)NS0.010.0005
  • a Median (range) values are listed. P values were estimated with the nonparametric Mann-Whitney U test. CM, central memory; EM, effector memory; NS, not significant.