Table 1

Epidemiologic and virologic characteristics of patientsa

CharacteristicHIV controllers (HIC, n = 26)Treated patients (HAART, n = 16)P value
Age (yr)52 (37–69)49 (35–60)NS
Duration of HIV-1 infection (yr)18 (10–28)18 (10–22)NS
Duration of antiretroviral treatment (yr)NA10 (10–14)
Virus load (HIV-1 RNA copies/ml plasma)<40<40NS
CD4+ T cells (per mm3)754 (315–1976)765 (422–1534)NS
% of CD4+ T cells in CD3+ T cells53.6 (31.4–72.1)49.9 (15.4–79.1)NS
Nadir of CD4+ T cells (per mm3)NA227 (6–589)
% with HLA B57 or B27 (no. positive/no. tested)65.4 (17/26)10.0 (1/10)0.0036
  • a Median (range) values are listed unless otherwise noted. P values were estimated with the nonparametric Mann-Whitney U test. NS, not significant (P ≥ 0.05); NA, not applicable.