Table 1

Cellular, DNA viral, and RNA viral assembly statistics

ParameterDNA metagenomesaRNA metagenomesaCellular metagenomesb
Pre-DNA filtrationPost-DNA filtration
Total no. of reads1,075,4073,568,8690,227632,479
Total no. of bases (Mb)
% of reads assembled72.9034.134.164.6
Largest contig (bp)21,5415,8465,84623,333
No. of large contigs (>1,000 bp)3,411519794,820
Total no. of contigs >100 bp27,7469,6962,63622,649
Average contig length (bp)573.9434.3409.5716.8
Avg coverage (fold)37.836.834.222.7
  • a Sampled from hot spring sites NL10, NL17, and NL18 in October 2009 and February and June 2010.

  • b Sampled from hot spring site NL10 in August of 2008 and 2009.