Table 1

Summary of genes carried by RRH1

ORFaGenome coordinatesProtein function (Pfam)bMatch (% identity)cProtein size in kDa (no. of TM domains)dE valuee
1219–599Putative small terminase13.3 (1)
2655–1965Large terminase (pfam03354)Terminase protein, Corynebacterium diphtheriae (44)46.5 (0)7e−85
31995–2327UnknownHypothetical protein, Gordonia neofelifaecis (58)11.9 (0)3e−07
42471–3589Portal protein (pfam04860)Hypothetical protein, Corynebacterium diphtheriae (52)40.5 (1)7e−54
53586–4320Lysin (pfam01471)Hypothetical protein, Rhodococcus erythropolis (52)26.7 (0)7e−61
64308–4442Unknown4.5 (1)
74439–6424Prohead protease (pfam04586) and capsid fusion proteinHypothetical protein, Gordonia neofelifaecis (41)68.4 (4)7e−115
86428–6784UnknownHypothetical protein, Gordonia neofelifaecis (44)12.3 (0)5e−14
96793–7125Putative structural proteinHypothetical protein, Gordonia neofelifaecis (44)11.8 (0)6e−14
107140–7571UnknownHypothetical protein, Gordonia neofelifaecis (60)15.0 (0)2e−41
117884–8024Putative structural protein5.3 (0)
128025–8324UnknownHypothetical protein, Gordonia neofelifaecis (36)10.9 (1)3e−05
138442–10040Putative tape measure proteinHypothetical protein, Corynebacterium diphtheriae (38)53.3 (6)2e−75
1410037–11458UnknownHypothetical protein, Gordonia neofelifaecis (32)52.3 (0)1e−52
1511472–12083Putative structural protein21.5 (0)
1612087–12329Unknown9.0 (1)
1712510–13157Unknown23.4 (0)
1813348–13467Unknown4.2 (1)
1913445–13912Putative structural protein16.0 (1)
2013909–14184HNH endonuclease (pfam01844)HNH endonuclease, Corynebacterium diphtheriae (62)10.0 (0)3e−24
  • a ORFs were numbered consecutively.

  • b Predicted function is based on amino acid identity, conserved motifs, (ESI-)TOF-MS, and gene location within functional modules.

  • c The most closely related gene (only if named) and the name of the organism. The percent identity was based on the best match when a BlastP analysis was performed.

  • d The predicted protein size and the predicted transmembrane (TM) domains were determined using DAS (11).

  • e The probability of obtaining a match by chance as determined by BLAST analysis. Only values less than 10−4 were considered significant.