Table 4

Intrapatient dN/dS ratios of the env (SU) gene of specific type 1 and type 2 HERV-K (HML-2) RNA sequences found in the plasma of patients with HIV-1 infection at different time points

Accession no. of HERV-K provirusPatient no. (time points)No. of sequencesdNdSdN/dS ratioP valuea
K111/DQ3607845 (1–3)60.00830.00711.160.593b
K107/rv_0001293 (1–3)70.00290.00960.30<0.001
K102/rv_0005363 (2–3)60.00370.01640.22<0.001
K108/rv_0000083 (1–3)70.00510.01380.36<0.001
  • a Statistical significance taken from the log likelihood Z test. P values reflect comparisons of the dN/dS ratios obtained in this study to the null hypothesis (dN/dS = 1).

  • b Not a significant value.