HIV-1-specific T cell responses measured in HESNs and HUSNsa

GroupNo. with positive T cell response/total (%) at visitb:
HESNs13/24 (54)10/19 (53)11/18 (61)10/18 (56)
HUSNs9/27 (33)7/23 (30)10/23 (44)6/23 (26)
  • a Using a generalized estimating equation (GEE) model for these data, a significant difference was observed (Wald P = 0.01) where the odds of an HIV-1-specific T cell response in an average HESN was 2.5 times higher than in an average HUSN.

  • b Data are presented as the fractions (and percentages) of participants producing a positive HIV-1-specific T cell response in a cultured ELISpot assay at the indicated visits. Positivity was determined by the DFR(2×) method described in reference 56, which was applied to both the antigen pool and one or more subpools (see Materials and Methods).