Table 1.

Properties of microvesicles

ParameterProperties of:
ExosomesShedding microvesiclesApoptotic bodies
Size40–100 nm100–1,000 nm1–5 μM
Density1.10–1.19 g/ml1.16 g/ml1.24–1.28 g/ml
IsolationDifferential centrifugationDifferential centrifugationEstablished protocol lacking
100,000–200,000 g10,000–20,000 gSediment at 1,200 g, 10,000 g, and 100,000 g
Sucrose gradientImmunoisolation
MarkersTetraspanins (CD63, CD9), ALIX, TSG101Integrins, MMPs,a tissue factorDNA content, histones
Reference(s)62, 12632, 35153
  • a MMPs, matrix metalloproteinases.