Table 1.

2F5 VH2-5 HCDR2 UA variants do not neutralize HIV-1a

AntibodyIC50 (μg/ml)
2F5 MAb2.3471.1630.103
RUA variant 1 (DH54)>50>50>50
RUA variant 2 (NH54)>50>50>50
  • a HIV-1 pseudovirus neutralization was determined by reduction of luciferase reporter gene expression after a single round of infection by pseudotyped HIV-1 viruses in TZM-bl cells. The pseudotyped viruses containing Envs derived from HIV-1 isolates BG1168.B, SF162.B, and MN.B were preincubated with serial dilutions (3-fold) of the antibodies (150 μg/ml) in 96-well plates. After mixing and incubation with target TZM-bl cells, the concentration of half-maximal inhibition (IC50) was calculated from the luciferase activities determined by luminescence measurements. The pseudotyped virus murine leukemia virus (MLV-SVA), which is not neutralized by 2F5, was used as a control.