Table 2.

UL31 and UL34 putative suppressor mutations in CL13 recombinant viruses

CL13Rev isolateUL31 mutationUL34 mutation
SNPaAmino acid changeSNPaAmino acid change
A, B, D, HNoneNoneA→C at nt 460S154R
CNoneNoneA→C at nt 233E78G
A→C at nt 460S154R
ENoneNoneC→T at nt 530T177M
GNoneNoneT→G at nt 74L25R
IA→T at nt 232I78FNoneNone
  • a Positions of nucleotide (nt) substitutions are numbered from the beginning of the protein coding sequence. SNP, single nucleotide polymorphism.