Table 2.

Means and 95% CIs for initial delays and mean delays adjusted for PK delays

ParameterDelay estimates (h)a
Raltegravir (n = 25)Rilpivirine (n = 33)Abacavir (n = 9)Tenofovir (n = 7)Enfuvirtide (n = 5)Maraviroc (n = 55)Ritonavir (n = 5)Nelfinavir (n = 7)
Mean delay8.314.926.347.432.647.455.953.6
95% CI for mean delay8.0–8.77.2–31.022.8–30.443.7–51.57.3–146.127.6–81.655.9–55.932.7–87.8
PK delay1–23–41–1.730.433.61–3
PK-adjusted mean delayb6.811.425.044.432.244.452.351.6
  • a Estimates of the mean delays assume the same first-phase decay rate across all drugs. The PK estimates for the following drugs are taken from the literature: raltegravir (24), rilpivirine (7), abacavir (19), tenofovir (1), maraviroc (6), ritonavir (30), and nelfinavir (25). The PK delay for enfuvirtide was calculated as described in Materials and Methods from data in Kilby et al. (17). n, number of patients.

  • b Calculated as mean delay minus PK delay (an average value was used for the PK delay when a range of values was given).