Table 3.

Cell cycle distribution of EYFP-expressing C33A, HeLa, and U2OS cells

Transfected plasmid(s)a% cells
G0/G1SG2/MIntra-S partitioningb
Mock C33A473122483219
EYFP-31E1 WT2170986140
EYFP-31E1 NES2566988120
EYFP-31E1 NES/OBD642412503317
EYFP-31E1 NES/ATPase32511784124
Mock HeLa474310632116
EYFP-31E1 WT3365280182
EYFP-31E1 NES3858478193
EYFP-31E1 NES/OBD60337523315
EYFP-31E1 NES/ATPase5837565278
Mock U2OS37392451490
EYFP-31E1 WT35541183170
EYFP-31E1 NES2765878220
EYFP-31E1 NES/OBD45431258375
EYFP-31E1 NES/ATPase42461259374
  • a Five thousand cells positively stained with propidium iodide (PI) or doubly stained with PI and EYFP were selected for mock- and EYFP-transfected cells, respectively.

  • b The percentage of cells estimated to be in the early (E), mid (M), or late (L) S phase according to the Modfit software program.