Table 2.

Cell cycle distribution of GFP- and EYFP-expressing C33A cells released from mimosine blocks

Transfected plasmid(s)a% cells:
In G1/early S phaseOut of G1/early S phaseb
GFP-HPV31 E17426
GFP-HPV11 E16733
GFP-BPV1 E16733
GFP-HPV16 E1 WT7030
GFP-HPV16 E1 ATPase3961
EYFP-31E1 WT5842
EYFP-31E1 OBD3466
EYFP-31E1 ATPase3565
EYFP-31E1 NES6436
EYFP-31E1 NES/ATPase4159
  • a Five thousand cells positively stained with Hoechst or doubly stained with Hoechst and EYFP/GFP were selected for mock- and EYFP/GFP-transfected cells, respectively.

  • b The percentage of cells that resumed cell cycle progression following their release from a G1/S block with mimosine was quantified by counting the numbers of cells in mid- and late S phase and in G2/M phase.