Antigenic analysis of H4 avian influenza viruses isolated from live poultry markets in China

Virus (HA group)HI antibody titer of antiserum against virusa (HA group)
DK/Guizhou/S1167/10 (H4N6) (1)DK/Jiangxi/S21046/12 (H4N2) (1)GS/Jiangsu/S2433/11 (H4N6) (1)DK/Guangdong/S1780/12 (H4N2) (2)DK/Jiangxi/S3261/09 (H4N2) (2)DK/Fujian/S1487/09 (H4N3) (3)
DK/Guizhou/S1167/2010 (H4N6) (1)51212864646432
DK/Jiangxi/S21046/2012 (H4N2) (1)51225612812812864
GS/Jiangsu/S2433/2011 (H4N6) (1)12864128323216
DK/Guangdong/S1780/2012 (H4N2) (2)1281282561286432
DK/Jiangxi/S3261/2009 (H4N2) (2)5121286412812864
DK/Fujian/S1487/2009 (H4N3) (3)6464326432128
  • a Antiserum was generated by intranasally inoculating 6-week-old SPF chickens with 106.0 EID50 of the indicated virus. The HA group indicates the phylogenetic classification of the virus HA gene in the phylogenetic tree. Homologous titers are shown in boldface.