Data collection, processing, and refinement statistics of AAV1-SIA

Data collection and processing
    Wavelength (λ, Å)0.979 (CHESS)
    No. of films229
    Space groupC2
    Unit cell parameters
        a, b, c (Å)455.6, 261.8, 451.0
        β (°)111.0
    Resolution (Å)50.0–3.0
    Total no. of reflections1,170,740
    No. of unique reflections593,352
    Rmergea (%)16.3
    Completeness (%)61.6
    Rfactorb (%)26.8
    Rfreec (%)27.6
    No. of atoms249,660
        Bond (Å)0.008
        Angle (°)1.065
    Ramachandran statistic (%)
    Avg B factor (Å)
        Main chain21.8
        Side chain23.2
  • a Rmerge = (Σ|Ihkl − 〈Ihkl〉 |/Σ|Ihkl|) × 100, where Ihkl is the intensity of an individual “hkl” reflection, and <Ihkl> is the mean intensity for all measured values of this reflection.

  • b Rfactor = (Σ||Fobs| − |Fcalc||/Σ|Fobs|) × 100, where Fobs and Fcalc are the amplitudes for the observed and calculated reflections, respectively.

  • c Rfree was calculated with 5% of the reflections excluded from the data set during refinement.