Concordance between clones identified as “putatively reactive” in the total PBMC sample and YFV-induced clones identified by their presence in the activated, effector CD8+ T cell compartmenta

Presence or absence in TAE-14 compartmentNo. of “putatively reactive” clonse in subject no.:AvgTotal (%)
+12739118363442887411994.2848 (62.2)
1062063956190388757.2515 (37.8)
Total (% present in TAE-14)233 (54.5)59 (66.1)124 (95.2)39 (92.3)12 (25.0)100 (44.0)478 (60.3)112 (66.1)206 (57.8)151.4 (62.4)1,363 (62.2)
  • a For each subject, the table shows the number of “putatively reactive” clones identified in the total PBMC sample that were present (+) or absent (−) in the corresponding TAE-14 compartment, as well as the total number of putatively reactive clones for each subject and the percentage of them present in TAE-14. The last two columns correspond to the aggregated data (average, total, and percentage) from all 9 subjects.