Odds ratios for the association between breast milk total IgA and secretory IgA binding to consensus HIV-1 gp140 antigens by ELISA and BAMA with HIV-1 transmission to the infant via breast milk in the BAN Study, Malawi

AntigencLogistic regression model for transmitters
OR (95% CI)aP valueb
IgA B.con env03 gp140 ELISA AUC0.51 (0.29–0.90)0.020
SIgA A1.con env03 gp140 BAMA MFI0.66 (0.42–1.03)0.066
SIgA B.con env03 gp140 BAMA MFI0.54 (0.30–0.95)0.032
SIgA C.con env03 gp140 BAMA MFI0.69 (0.41–1.16)0.161
SIgA B.con env03 gp140 ELISA AUC0.51 (0.26–1.01)0.053
  • a Odds ratios (ORs) and 95% confidence intervals (CI) for were determined by logistic regression modeling controlling for log10 plasma viral load and peripheral CD4+ T cell count.

  • b Immune variables with P values of <0.05 are in boldface.

  • c ELISA AUC, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay area under the curve; SIgA, secretory IgA; BAMA MFI, binding antibody multiplex assay mean fluorescence intensity.