HIV-1 RT mutations detected after selection in the presence of compound 13

VirusDays of selectionNucleic acid sequencedAmino acids sequencedRT mutationsa
WT, flask 163RNA (bulk PCR)1–250K64*, S69C, G112D
91RNA (bulk PCR)1–250G112D, M230I
156RNA (bulk PCR)1–140, 228–450G112D, M230I, V381L
DNA (bulk PCR)1–120, 210–560G112D, M230I
RNA (clone)1–560G112D, M230I
RNA (clone)1–560V10I, G112D, K126E, M230I
RNA (clone)1–560K43R, E53G, K281*, E297G, A360V, P433L
DNA (clone)1–560K101E, M230I, L391P
WT, flask 2199RNA (bulk PCR)1–560G112D, M230I
DNA (bulk PCR)1–560G112D, M230I
RNA (clone)1–560G112D, M230I
RNA (clone)1–560G112D, M230I
RNA (clone)1–560G112D, M230I, L517FFS
RNA (clone)1–560G112D, M230I, D250V, T403I
DNA (clone)1–560G112D, M230I
DNA (clone)1–560G112D, M230I, K331E
DNA (clone)1–560P55L, G112D, M230I, R448G
M230I mutant59RNA (bulk PCR)1–470G112D, G196R, M230I
  • a *, stop codon; FS, frameshift.