Description of HIV-infected participants, plasma neutralization breadth, set point viral load, and antibody targets

Participant% neutralization breadth at 3 yraNo. of env sequencesNo. of time pointsSet point viral load at 12 mo postinfection (RNA copies/ml)Antibody target(s)bSource or reference
CAP257826368,260V1V2, CD4 binding site24
CAP2567717113178,000V1V216, 46
CAP248591201864,600gp120-gp41 interface43
CAP17752144718,000C3V4, V1V223, 38
CAP206471309315,000MPER, C3V44; J. N. Bhiman, unpublished data
CAP3574576711,596Not mappedM. Madzhivandila, unpublished data
CAP84270539,300Not mapped50
CAP88883838,700V1V2, C3V438
CAP228710061,520V1V2, C3V4J. N. Bhiman, unpublished data
CAP229735324,600V1V2J. N. Bhiman, unpublished data
CAP225529321,500Not mappedJ. N. Bhiman, unpublished data
CAP2002534108,000C3V4J. N. Bhiman, unpublished data
CAP450416556Not mapped38
  • a Reference 4.

  • b bNAbs are shown in bold.