Mutations in the B41 immunogen trimersa

GroupTrimerbAdded mutation(s)
9SOSIP.v4.1 (parental)
10SOSIP.v4.1 + N289-KIA291S
11SOSIP.v4.1 + N289-KI + N332-KOA291S + N332T + I333L + S334Nb
12SOSIP.v4.1 + N289-KI + N356-KOA291S + N356D
  • a All trimers were based on the B41.R315Q parental genotype (13). They contained the standard SOS and I559P amino acid substitutions of the SOSIP.664 trimer design (15) plus the E64K and A316W changes that create the further-stabilized SOSIP.v4.1 version (27).

  • b The substitutions at the second and third positions in the sequon are based on frequent natural amino acid residues there (