HSV-2 DNA in tissues of HSV-2-inoculated rhesus macaques

TissueNo. of copies of HSV-2 DNA/million cells in indicated animal
Group 1 (live virus inoculum)Group 2 (live virus inoculum)Group 5 (killed virus inoculum)
Cervical biopsya1,1472,1845,4483,271000000346068
Vagina 1b,c3,376155060816,8551,0048631336376000
Vagina 2b,d1,80318802123,7454,4001,2082521330000
Vagina 3b,e00003321,2831,449293117642000
Cervical ganglia/cordb07,7190915014706400000
Thoracic ganglia/cordb0006,946000000000
Lumbar ganglia/cordb0000425003,043680000
Sacral ganglia/cordb0000000000000
Pelvic nerve656000000000000
Sacral systemic trunkNDfNDNDND1,59000000000
  • a Biopsy specimens were collected 7 days after the first HSV-2 inoculation for group 1, 28 days after the first HSV-2 inoculation for group 2, and 2 or 3 days after the first heat-killed HSV-2 inoculation for group 5.

  • b Necropsy tissue collected 2 to 7 days after the last HSV-2 inoculation.

  • c Proximal vaginal mucosa (fornix).

  • d Mid-vaginal mucosa.

  • e Distal vaginal mucosa (introitus).

  • f ND, not determined.