E1 and E2 amino acid changes that emerged under the selective pressure of monensin

VirusAmino acid and positionTiter (FFU/ml)Monensin IC50 (μM)Chloroquine IC50 (μM)
E1E2 (HVR1)
JFH1Y297V343cI399dS404eQ409f1.7 × 1050.231.9
FL-8H297bA343T399dG404R4091.1 × 1050.436
Y297H mutantH2978.3 × 1040.44ND
I399T mutantT3991.7 × 1050.44ND
Q409R mutantR4090NDaND
T+R mutantT399R4090NDND
  • a ND, not determined.

  • b Mutation previously described for viruses cultured in the presence of ferroquine (60).

  • c Nonconserved amino acid (A in other genotypes).

  • d Highly conserved amino acid (the I399T mutation introduces an N-glycosylation site into HVR1).

  • e Conserved amino acid.

  • f Amino acid that is totally conserved among genotypes.