Ala substitution Nef mutants and their activities

Residue(s)aFunction/interaction with host proteinsCD4↓b,cResult of our study
Infectivityc,dpDC stimulation
G2(2, 29, 31)N-terminal myristoylation
K4K7(31)Lipid raft targeting?++
RR22(31, 33)Membrane targetingN++
WL58(33)CD4/viral protease cleavage site
RR106(40, 75)Pak2, CD4/salt bridge formation, oligomerization+/−
PXXP150(4, 40)SH3 domainsN++
LL165(15)Clathrin-adaptor protein AP2
E160NNSLL165(10, 46, 59)Clathrin-adaptor proteins AP1 to -3
DD175(3, 30, 49)Clathrin adaptor protein AP2 and V1H of ATPase
  • a Amino acid numbers are indicated in parentheses after the last residue in the motif.

  • b CD4↓, CD4 downmodulation (published previously).

  • c +, functional; +/−, partial loss of function; −, loss of function; ?, not determined; N, not required.

  • d Infectivity, assay on MagiX4 cells.