Results of MS/MS spectra matches from the MSDB nonredundant protein database

MatchaAccession no.Protein descriptionMol mass (Da)Score
1ATPB_RATATP synthase β chain, mitochondrial precurs56,318438
2ATHUBHuman β-actin41,710318
3S33438Chinese hamster laminin receptor 34/67 kDa32,881184
4ATHUBHuman β-actin41,710512
5AAH00484Ubiquinol-cytochrome c reductase core protein48,413409
6Q96RS2Laminin receptor-like protein LAMRL532,975279
7Q9BWD4Interleukin enhancer binding factor 243,035267
8AAH07052Similar to nuclear ribonuclear protein C33,578250
  • a Matches 1 to 3 are from the spectra obtained from the nondenaturing gel sample, while matches 4 to 8 are from the spectra obtained from the denaturing gel sample.