Relative amounts of HSV-1 DNA present in ganglia of mice infected with KOS or KOS/29b

Virus strainRatio of HSV-1 polymerase DNA to Xist DNAaRatio of HSV-1 polymerase DNA to centromere DNAa
KOS/M (wild type)0.43230.0228
Difference (n-fold)c0.90210.6317
  • a Relative levels of latent viral DNA calculated are representative of DRG from four mice (8 DRG/mouse) pooled for each virus-specific ChIP.

  • b Values reflect relative quantities of viral DNA calculated from real-time PCR analysis as described in Materials and Methods. Values are expressed as the ratios of viral DNA to cellular DNA.

  • c The difference was calculated by dividing the ratio for KOS/M by that obtained for KOS/29.